Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hey everyone!
Here I am, sitting in a Starbucks cafe, drinking a latte and blogging in a leather arm chair. I feel like a cliche, but I love it! It's not busy at the counter, but there are a lot of people sitting in here, talking with friends and laughing. It's a fun environment to be in, to be a part of this moment, but to also not be a part, one who is just merely catching a glimpse of the world moving around her. It's very satisfying.
Did I tell you that my husband works at Starbucks? Probably not. He's the reason I'm here. He's told me before how he would really enjoy his lunch break more if I could come here and sit with him. So today is the day. I didn't have to work at the same time as him, and I have the car. So granting my boy's wish, I came down and spent some time with him. To put a smile on his face brings me great joy. He sent flowers (more specifically, roses!) to my work yesterday and that small gesture was the highlight of my day. My husband is very special to me, and if I can show him how much I love him just by spending time with him on his break, it's the least I can do.
Anyways, I plan to watch a down-loaded episode of Bones while I finish my latte, and then it's off home to finish the laundry. But I'm not going to rush, because I want to enjoy this atmosphere for as long as I can.
Peace from Rainbow Candy

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