Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Changes to my routine

Hey everyone!
I had a great birthday this year! 09/09/09 passed by in a flash, but a few hi-lights of my day was getting breakfast in bed from my husband, who got it from McDonald's (but before you groan, I must admit that I asked for it!) YUM! lol I also received my present from my husband, when he surprised me by taking me to the mall so I could pick out... are you ready for this? A CELL PHONE! I love it very much, I haven't had a cell phone since I lost mine when I was like 16 or something, so this was a very nice gift! And later on that night we went over to Crabby Joes with one of our couple friends, and then we went to the movies with them to see "9" which was a creepy movie but I liked it.
So on to the new changes in my routine: school started, which means that my cafeteria job started. I'm tired already! I just need to get my body adjusted to working every day, and getting up early every day. I tried not to sleep in too much during the summer, but I probably get up an hour and a half earlier now every day for work! I don't mind too much, I'm learning that I'm more of a morning person, but still, it takes some getting used to.
Also new to my routine: my husband has started school, so figuring out rides every day is not always fun but is necessary. Additionally, school means more homework and less time on the computer, as well as seeing my husband. This is not going to help my S.A.D., but I hope to stay on top of things this time around, and I praise the Lord that He helped me to have a great birthday and not feel down!
With all these new changes to my routine, I am learning to rely heavily on God for support, strength, and patience. I started to lose my cool today, but I just need to remind myself that God is there, and He will take care of all my worries.
Anyways, that's it for now.
Peace from Rainbow Candy

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