Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Mornings

Hey again!
Today's blog is going to be about Saturday mornings, and how I love them so. Soon I'll be back at the cafeteria working Monday thru Friday, and my other job doesn't usually give me Saturday shifts, so Saturday is the one day I get to sleep in (Sunday I have church of course!) But on Saturdays I don't really sleep in that much, because my body gets into a routine from getting up early most mornings. But I'm O.K. with that. I like having Saturday mornings to relax. I start my morning off taking the dog outside so she can take care of her "business," I feed her, and then I sit down to hopefully do my daily devotion. Once I'm done spending time with God, I go straight to the kettle and make myself some instant coffee.
I am starting to love coffee more and more, but I'm the only one in my household who drinks it, so I don't have a coffee machine yet that makes only 1 or 2 cups, because it's not really high on my list of priorities right now. So therefore the kettle and instant coffee will have to do. And boy, it is good enough for me!
So I sit down on the couch, drink my coffee, and if I'm reading a book at the time, I usually pick that up, or else I go and pick out a movie to watch.
Now it has to be said that I love most kid movies. Some of my favourites right now are: Horton hears a Who, any of the Pixar movies, and so on. I remember as a young girl that I loved watching Saturday morning cartoons, so therefore I feel this need to watch something fun, something that brings back that wholesome feeling of happiness, with not a care in the world. It's a wonderful feeling.
If I had my way, I would spend every Saturday morning this way. It's a wonderful start to my day, and it prepares me mentally and physically for whatever may come that day. Who wouldn't be happy with that?
So there ya go, those are my thoughts for today, and who knows? Maybe blogging will become part of my Saturday routine.
Peace from Rainbow Candy

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