Tuesday, July 6, 2010

As I've been going about my house chores the last two days, there were moments in there where I felt completely overwhelmed. I felt like I was going to fall to my knees, burst into tears, and just give up.
Right now my husband and I are going through some tough financial times. I'm trying not to worry, because God tells us that not a single hour is added to your life by worrying. But every once in awhile those moments hit me. I wonder, how are we going to save money for school? How are we going to pay our bills? When are we going to be able to start paying off the debts we owe, mainly the ones to family? And in the midst of all this, when are we going to be able to save money for a house, or for whatever may come up in the future?
I've heard that finances are one of the main causes for fighting among married couples, and may be one of the main causes for divorce. I'm not worried about my relationship with my husband. We are more in love now, despite these worries. But I hate feeling like this, like the world is kicking me and I don't know if and when I'll be able to get back on my feet again.
I'm scared.

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  1. I never knew you posted this honey. I love you. And I'm glad that our finances seem to be turning around a bit.